• Brains Eden

    Gamejam price winning game

    2 player base building race to destroy each other as fast as possible.

  • Foliage Generator

    C# tool with MVVM

    Getting a feel for the landscape

  • Mario

    Super mario level

    Classic Mario game made in custom gameEngine, written in C++

My Finished Projects

These were all made during the curriculum of Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest.

About Me

My name is Thomas De Mulder, and I am a Game Programmer

I am a 21 year old graduate from Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment.
My interest for programming started with my love for solving logical problems during math classes. It only felt natural to continue down this road. I am very social and can easily work with a team. My knowledge of programming languages are C#, C++ and more.




During the second semester of my last year at DAE I did an internship at Crazy Monkey Studios. I helped with the development of their last game. In the beginning I made some tools to help develop the project. One of them can be found among my projects on this portfolio. After a month I was allowed to work on the game itself and its features. I stayed for a period of 18 weeks and after that I remained one more month doing a student job at that company. During this internship I worked with Unity and C#.

Brains Eden

In 2016 I participated in a GameJam called Brains Eden. Our school send 2 teams of each 5 members to make a game in 48 hours with schools joining from 5 different countries. Out of more than 30 teams we won the Best Mobile Game Award and both our teams were in the top 7 unity shortlist. Info about the game can be found here. The game was made in Unity because of it ease to use. I programmed the spawning and flying of the debris around the moon and took care of all the UI programming.